Roberts + Gene

A Love Story

Roberts + Gene is named in honor of owner Jen CK Jacobs parents, Philip Roberts Jacobs and Claudia Gene Case Jacobs, who fell fiercely in love in 1978. Ties to the Southwestern desert and the influence of the stockyard town of Omaha, Nebraska in which Philip and Claudia found themselves in 1980, heavily influenced their personal style. The sweet strumming of Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings was the soundtrack to Jen's youth. On a family trip to Arizona in 1989, Jen was gifted her first turquoise ring from her father - and a deep love for not only Navajo jewelry, but the stark and beautiful cactus-encrusted desert landscape took hold. Jen has been collecting pieces for her personal collection ever since and each vibrates with a story all of it's own.

Over the years, Jen has sailed the seas as a salty Sailor of the US Navy, designed her own line of jewelry, penned books, photographed food and lifestyle for some of the most notable titles on the newsstands and in 2012, fulfilled a lifetime dream with CISTHENE. With a cult-like following CISTHENE featured handmade jewelry from all over the world and a highly covetable collection of apothecary goods. Featured in VOGUE, Refinery29, Lucky Magazine, Time Magazine and countless others, Jen's eye for curation was lauded by customers and editors alike. But life had other plans... and love always wins. With the opening of Roberts + Gene, Jen weaves her magic once again... but this time into a tapestry of personal love and history.

We Believe

Jewelry is personal. Some could argue that it could indeed be the most personal thing you place on your body. It is not simply metal and stone that we adorn ourselves. It is thousands of years of craftsmanship; it is metal from the depths of our Earth and minerals that have endured millions of years of trial by water and fire to become what they are today. The practice of wearing jewelry, originally for protection then for currency and finally for decoration, is as nearly as ancient as humanity itself. And I use the word practice purposefully, for truly wearing jewelry is a practice more so than an act. 

Your Talisman

At Roberts + Gene, we want you to find your own Talismans. Your own symbols of protection and power – because, that is ultimately what jewelry can give you. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks knew this, the Celts knew this, and we continue seeking out those pieces that call to our souls today. For the time being, we focus our collections on antique and vintage turquoise pieces handcrafted by the indigenous peoples of North America. The majority of our pieces are signed by the artist and made by Navajo and Zuni artisans. Our owner has been personally collecting pieces for over 20 years and brings her discerning eye to the collection found at Roberts + Gene

So have a look… your Talisman is waiting.